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Recent and Upcoming Patents in the Chatbot Industry

The rapid growth in chatbot development has led to growth in the filing of patents. Some are from major companies, some from startups. Some represent major advances in the technology, while others might be easy targets for challenges. Many of them offer hints about the direction chatbots could take in the future. Some may have

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The Most Popular Chatbot Projects on GitHub

Many chatbot-related projects are found on GitHub. The following are among the most popular, based on the number of watchers and stars. Botkit is a development kit from Howdy for creating and integrating bots. It’s based on Node.js and is available under the MIT open source license. Developers can use their choice of NLP services,

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Chatbot Use at Trade Fairs

Best Use Cases of Chatbots at Trade Fairs Customer Assistance- Attendees can get quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of trade fair events. Notifications- Chatbots can send out notifications for specific upcoming activities, like reminders of speaker times, or scheduling changes. Lead generation- Chatbots can gather information for businesses to use

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Chatbot Use Cases in Banking

Chatbots in the banking industry are used in both customer-facing roles as well as for internal communication among employees in order to streamline operations while providing efficient customer service. Here are some of the advantages of chatbots in the banking industry Personal Banking Chatbots are becoming more of a staple within this realm, in order to

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Robotic Process Automation: What’s It All About?

Businesses are picking up huge gains in productivity through robotic process automation, or RPA. This doesn’t refer to machines doing physical labor; the “robots” in this case are software agents. Like the robots on the factory floor, they carry out tasks that otherwise would require dull, repetitive human efforts. RPA builds on existing GUI-based software.

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Chatbots in Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturers stand to gain from every technological advance they can use, and chatbots can provide them with significant advantages. The uses range from the supply chain to the manufacturing floor to order fulfillment. Supplies and inventory Parts and materials need to stay in supply without accumulating wasteful amounts before they’re needed. A chatbot-based query system

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Chatbots in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry may be known for web pages full of complicated jargon and headaches, but chat bots are changing this. They’re helping with everything from finding the right policy to settling claims, and have many additional advantages as well. Answering Frequently Asked Questions Even though many sites include an FAQ page for their policies,

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Chatbots For Team Communication Apps

Team chat apps are the latest in a long line of technology that keeps coworkers connected. Platforms such as the popular Slack or Microsoft Teams allow management to create a place where communications between coworkers, their superiors, and the company as a whole can be streamlined. These applications tend to have a primary group chat

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5 Ways Chatbots are Guiding Travelers: Chatbots in Travel Industry

The travel industry isn’t limited to hotels and airlines and neither are the potential roles for chatbots. Travelers have welcomed bots into multiple stages of their journeys, allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for when they need it. Here are the most interesting ways chatbots are stepping up to make trips better. Saving

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An Overview of the State of Robotics

As science fiction writers first conceived robots, they were humanoid machines that performed services in response to spoken directions. This is the idea of R.U.R. by Čapek (which introduced the word “robot” to the world), as well as Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot stories. What we now call robots have gone in quite a different direction.

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Chatbots for Brick & Mortar Retailers: Chatbots in Retail

The first contact customers have with brick-and-mortar businesses is often their online presence. A good website is an obvious necessity, but a chatbot is a valuable addition. Many people use their smartphones while inside the store to get information. Using a chatbot is faster than flagging down a sales representative, and it’s always available. Browsing

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And The Winner Is…Champion Hackathon Chatbots

The idea of chatbots has been around since the mid 1960s. ELIZA was the first of its kind, created in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Since then, though, there has been a proliferation of chatbots. When they first began to become more widespread and available to the general public, in the late 1990s, they mainly

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Chatbots In Education

Students everywhere carry their mobile phone with them. It contains everything they need and is their connection to the world, but the ‘phone’ aspect of the device is fading away. Instead of making calls, many individuals would rather use instant messaging apps. This trend started a with the popularity of SMS and has only surged

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Chatbots and Messaging in Africa

Chatbots are ready to deliver a major impact in Africa. Several economic factors work in their favor, and businesses and nonprofit organizations are already showing what they can accomplish. The next few years should see significant growth in use. Favorable economic factors Since 2016 Africa’s economy has been growing at a healthy pace. The World

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How Changes in Consumer Behavior in the 2010s Has Shaped the Business World

“Today’s consumers are more enlightened and empowered than ever. And they are placing ever-greater demands on their retailers to either “get it right” or lose their business.”   – Kali Klena, IBM Global Retail Lead Today’s savvy consumers contrast sharply from yesterday’s shoppers. They are confident, industrious, and technologically astute, and expect businesses to exhibit

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The Varieties of Artificial Intelligence

People often talk about artificial intelligence as if it were all one thing. It’s more accurate to think of AI as a collection of approaches to problems. An AI system usually combines several approaches, doing whatever produces the best results. Breaking down the

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A History of Chatbots

Turing Test Are you familiar with the Turing Test? For the uninitiated, the Turing Test was developed by Alan Turing, the original computer nerd, in 1950. The idea is simple: for a machine to pass the Turing Test, it must exhibit intelligent behavior indistinguishable from that of a human being. The test is usually conceptualized

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Language Families and NLP

Chatbots offer an opportunity to reach international audiences. The more languages one supports, the more customers it can reach. The variety of human languages makes this a challenge. If you’re reading this article, you’re presumably familiar with English and perhaps with some other European languages. Translating even between them can be difficult. When we consider

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Should Your Brand Build a Chatbot Instead of an App?

The marketing world is abuzz with a new major debate, a split in techniques that will significantly differentiate companies that follow one path or another. Chatbot or App? In the modern world of reaching out to your customers through every available platform, this can seem like a crazy question at first. Of course, you want

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Chatbot Service Design for Beginners

In spite of a variety of benefits, it’s unclear how chatbots can be made to work in a practical sense. In this article, we’ll find out principles and steps of chatbot service design, as well as some common mistakes when it comes to building these AI bots. What Is Chatbot Design? Understanding How Every Chatbot

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The Most Popular Social Platforms in Asia

In Asia, homegrown messaging apps dominate local markets despite pressure from giants like Facebook. If you’re looking for potential digital markets to penetrate, the Asia Pacific region should be on top of your concern. Connectivity throughout the region is growing at an incredible rate, and there’s still plenty of room for further growth. In fact,

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Top Chatbot Business Use Cases You Might Not Know (Part 2)

Our first installment of carefully selected chatbot business use cases has shown you how AI bots are transforming 12 large-scale core industries of the world, including E-commerce, public transportation, education, airlines, and so on. In this second part, we continue coming up with other 11 chatbot business use cases that deal with more personal aspects

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Top Chatbot Business Use Cases You Might Not Know (Part 1)

Although the term “Chatbot” is still a buzz word to many people, this revolutionary technology has already been considered “the next big thing” due to massive benefits it can bring to companies across various industries. In this article, we will discuss several chatbot use cases to solidify our claim that businesses should embrace chatbots. 1.

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Chatbot – Why Is It The Future of Enterprise?

Chatbots are drawing more attention in the businesses world. Business Insider predicts that about 80% of businesses will switch from traditional customer support channels to Chatbot by the end of 2020. So, being an early adopter of this advanced AI technology would give you a major advantage over your competitors. 1. What Is Chatbot? A

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Chatbots: a better customer experience

Chat-driven programs, used through instant messengers, called chatbots, are a viable solution to enhance the whole business. Chatbots automate customer service through artificial intelligence, leaving the company more time to concentrate on other key business areas. Significant benefits of the method are multiple-languages and good user experiences. There is a lot of good feedback from

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