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Why are chatbots necessary for a good chat experience?

Available continuously

Chat Automation allows you to serve customers on weekends, holidays and around the clock.

Serve customer on popular channels

The use of instant messaging has overtaken social media usage, so it's natural to serve customers where they already are.

Faster Customer Service

Chatbots can speed up the chat service by automating routine cases, retrieving the necessary information from integrated systems, and providing response suggestions for agents.

Streamline team applications

Modern Team Chat Apps are built with bots in mind. You can now take action right where communication happens: make appointments or search databases.

Seamless Integrations

Chat is an effective way for UI integrations, such as adding database searches directly into production applications.

More Efficient Marketing

Content for chatbots is an interactive medium and it requires a new approach. Usually, we begin content production together with the client's matter specialists.

Common Use Cases

Customer Service Automation

Often, chatbots are introduced due to popular request, or due to the fact that the use of live chat has increased rapidly and is causing strain on service staff. Chatbots help standardize the quality and increase the throughput of chat conversations. Examples include:-Frequently asked questions – Automating transactions – Response suggestions

Internal knowledgebase chatbot

Knowledgebases and service manual can be daunting to use. Chatbots can help in making them usable in daily work. Chatbots can make data retrieval happen inside team chat applications (e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams or Skype). Chatbots can also be introduced as stand-alone apps or integrated directly to production apps as plug-ins.

Facebook Marketing

One of the most straightforward applications for chatbots is the enhancement of Facebook marketing. Click-to-chat ads open a Facebook Messenger conversation with the chatbot. This creates a seamless experience and increases the conversation rate. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities!

Lead Generation

A chat window is one of the best conversion points on a website – it can be set up on every page and visitors can contact you no matter what they are interested in. Many brands have improved their conversion by simply adding a chat window. Add a chatbot to the window, and you can qualify the prospect immediately.

Document Drafting

It is often difficult to fill in formal documents. Chat has a convenient user interface. It can simultaneously help and guide to make document drafting easier.

Personalization and Feedback

Chatbot is a fast response channel, as it can be quickly opened on your phone — for example, by scanning a QR code or by searching in chat apps. You can also attach photos, GPS locations, and other information to your feedback. Chatbot is very suitable for teaching the artificial intelligence of personalized services.

Instant Messaging Services

Instant Messaging has exceeded the use of social media. Almost all of us have Facebook Messenger or some other instant messaging phone. Building services for use in instant messaging are important because it is the preferred contact channel. No extra apps need to be installed.

Content Distribution

The content bot can help users browse and find interesting content. For example, the contents of a web site can be imported into the chatbot.

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